Rug Cleaning Services

Tyler Carpet Cleaning offers expert rug cleaning services for all of Tyler and East Texas! Don’t hassle trying to clean your delicate rug yourself…call us!

tyler tx rug cleaning
tyler tx rug cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning

As an oriental rug cleaning service in Tyler, we can also take special care of any hard-to-clean rugs you may have in your home! You might not be aware, but studies have shown that over 60% of U.S. homes have some kind of rug in their home, but only a small percentage of those clean them on a regular basis! That is where we come in.

You may need to give us a call if you have a high-priced oriental rug, especially. These types of rugs require special treatment, and it is not advised to self-treat them, as they can do more harm than good.

We recommend using our certified rug-cleaning technicians who understand different rug fibers, and how delicate they can be.

We possess the proper equipment, training, and experience that is needed to bring the life back into your rug!