Pet Stains

Tyler Carpet Cleaning deals with all of your household pet stains too. From minor to major, we have the tools and skill needed to eliminate these difficult stains.

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Pet Odors

As certified odor removal specialists in Tyler, we can also help eliminate nasty odors as a result of pet stains in your home. We love our pets, but sometimes accidents happen. Over time, however, pet stains and odors can build up and provide a very unpleasant living condition. That is where we come in! In extreme cases the carpet padding must be removed, and the flooring underneath treated. If the damage is minimal, however, it can be soaked and treated with our chemicals, then hot-water extraction is done to remove the stain and smell.

Cleaning Tips

Pet urine on your carpet is not good for your carpet. Not only does it smell bad and discolor your carpet but the flooring layer below may need to be treated as well. If the dog urine accident isn’t too bad, however, simply blot up as much of the urine as possible with a clean, white towel. From there, you will have to use cleaning solutions that are specifically formulated to counteract dog or cat urine (try your local supermarket or pet store). Then, you must use a wet dry vacuum cleaner using a water claw attachment to prevent the urine from seeping into the backing and sub-floor. In more extreme cases, however, you will need professional help. This is where Tyler Carpet Cleaning can help.